Our Scholarship Program

About the Program

The Dave Musikant Positive For Life Foundation Scholarship Fund is a Memorial as well as a Celebration of what Dave has taught us. Dave was a beloved graduate of Bogota High School Class of 1985, he was a scholar, an athlete, an actor, and one of the most dynamic students to ever walk the halls of BHS. After BHS, Dave attended Rutgers University and played Lightweight Football, and was a member of the PhiGamma Fraternity.

The student(s) that receive this award will embody the values that Dave and The Foundation hold dear, the student will be productive, will most likely have overcome personal challenges that are unique and require effort that only a few demonstrate to accomplish their goals, and will complete the application in order to convey their story. All applications that are received will be seriously considered, if you feel you embody these values, you are already a winner, congratulations.

The Scholarship is awarded to a Bogota High School Senior(s), and is chosen by a Board of Directors comprised of friends, fraternity brothers, family and peers of Dave Musikant.

The winner of this award should feel as though they accomplished something great, but will most likely be the type of person who sets personal goals and achieves them, but also looks for ways to help others achieve theirs.

Live Your Dreams Every Day!

More information to follow regarding the 2023 Inaugural Scholarship Award