Positive for Life Expedition

About the Program

The Positive for Life Expedition operates under the direction of Al Gargiulo, creator and director of Pendo Learning Systems. The camp focuses on the boy’s and girl’s interest in sports and/or outdoor adventure. The goal is to build character, achieve goals, overcome limits, and increase success in school or any other endeavor. The camp is designed to provide motivation for kids regarding their personal growth and development. The ideal campers for the program are boys and girls going into the 8th grade – exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis for boys and girls going into the 7th and 9th grades. The prospective camper population will ideally be comprised of a diverse population in every respect so the campers can learn from and assist each other as they grow and develop. All camp costs are funded by the Positive for Life Foundation scholarships.

Campers are provided with a workbook for their use during camp and reference thereafter. The workbook contains “to the point” motivation and instruction on how to set and achieve goals. Specifically, campers will identify 2 goals that are important to them and then they will write a plan spelling out how they will achieve their goal and what they are willing to do in order to make it happen.

Campers stay at the New Jersey School of Conservation facilities located on 240 acres in the Stokes State Forest in Sussex County New Jersey. Facilities include indoor sleeping quarters, outdoor challenge courses, hiking trails, a full service dining hall, and, indoor learning centers.

About the Directors

Alfred G Gargiulo

Professional Bio
  • Creator and Director of Pendo Learning Systems;
  • Educational Consulting for Teachers and Students;
  • Learning Programs, Training, and Education Products
  • NJ State Certified Teacher of Biology, retired.
  • 37 years science teaching experience
  • Recipient of The Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Director of Pendo Karate, Wall Twp. NJ since 1993
  • BA Kean College of New Jersey, 1976, Biology, Psychology, Outdoor Recreation
  • Alumni, Colorado Outward Bound School, 1976
Passion for PFL

I love teaching and watching others grow. Directing The PLS Teen Course for The Positive for Life Foundation enables me to serve and benefit the lives of the scholarship recipients. In the natural environment at The NJ School of Conservation, I instill in the students valuable principles that will grow and benefit their characters, and their human potentials. It is very important work. It is very rewarding work.

Nicholas Gargiulo

Professional Bio
  • Owner of Pendo Karate and Recreation LLC
  • Owner of The Adventure Squad LLC
  • Head Instructor of Pendo Karate in Manasquan Twp. NJ
  • Assistant Director for Pendo Learning Systems at the Positive for Life Camp 2009-2014
  • 15 years experience of Martial Art/ Athletic coaching and instruction ages 3-17
Passion for PFL

I take great pride in my position as The Assistant Director of the PFL Camp. As a professional educator, I find this to be the most fulfilling and gratifying week of each year. My responsibilities allow me to use my knowledge to motivate our campers towards a lifetime of achievement. I coordinate group dynamic exercises and games, oversee the safety and well being of all campers, and ensure all the campers HAVE FUN.