Board Members

Founded in 2004, Dave’s spirit lives on through the work of The Positive for Life Foundation (PFL). The PFL’s mission is to provide individuals and organizations with the resources to motivate and inspire people in the areas of self-esteem, positive thinking, goal-setting, and achievement so they can realize and live their dreams everyday. PFL is a 501(c)(3) charity that utilizes 100% of its proceeds to bring its mission to life. Our Board is comprised of volunteers who are passionate about PFL’s mission and positively impacting the lives of others.

Kurt Fauerbach

Kurt Fauerbach is co-founder and President of the Positive for Life Foundation. In his career, Kurt is a sales and marketing executive with 20+ years of experience with multiple CPG multinational companies. While sales and marketing have been core competencies, his most recent business experience has been centered on the Sales Planning discipline. Three of Kurt’s passions are family, fitness, and sharing the Positive for Life Foundation with others. Kurt is especially enthusiastic about sharing how the foundation has impacted young lives through the programs administered to young teens.

Donna Fauerbach

Donna Fauerbach has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Business. Donna has experience in market research, client management and sales. Donna is currently an Account Director and works with pharmaceutical clients to help with their strategic goals. Besides client facing, Donna is involved in internal program implementation, business requirement development and documentation along with managing external medical writing/editing consultants. Donna has been with PFL since the inception and is passionate about sharing positive inspiration with kids that may not have the chance in their day-to-day lives to experience it.

Kenneth P LeBlanc, CFP

Ken is a Founding Board Member of The Positive For Life Foundation. He is currently serving as Vice-President of the Board and Program Committee Chairman. Ken is a proud Graduate of Rutgers University and has run his own financial planning firm, Personal Financial Solutions, LLC, since 1996.

In Ken’s words “My involvement in The Positive For Life Foundation has been a passion and continues to fulfill my desire to give back in a meaningful way – we have been able to honor our friend Dave Musikant in whose memory we embarked on this endeavor – at the same time it has become much more – a way to have a significantly positive impact on the lives of many young men and women in their formative years and a way to honor others who have played important roles in our lives – this foundation allows us to pay forward the lessons from the many individuals who have played a role in helping us to make good decisions and work toward our goals in life!”

Mike Della Rovere

I grew up and continue live and work in Morris County, New Jersey. I graduated from Rutgers College in 1989 and then Seton Hall School of Law in 1992. I have practiced law in the same firm since I graduated law school.

I met Dave and most of my fellow Board Members during our days at Rutgers. I was impressed then as a Fraternity Brother of Dave with his character and leadership skills. I became a Board Member shortly after the Third Annual Dave Musikant Golf Outing as I was again impressed by the Mission of The Positive for Life Foundation and the desire to carry on the message and lessons learned from Dave. I have remained on the Board over the years as I am inspired and motivated by not only my fellow Board Members but all of the supporters of this great charity. I hope to make the same impact on others as the people who support this cause and Foundation have made on me.”

John Fabbo

Principal, Malcolm S. Mackay School in Tenafly. I have been a part of the Foundation since its inception. David Musikant was a dear friend who taught me many lessons; the most important one was to “Live your dreams every day.” This simple sentence has become the mantra of my school. Over 1,000 students have learned that statement and many return from high school telling me they never forgot it. The power of positive thinking and having a “growth mindset” are becoming more prevalent in primary education. Dave knew many years ago that teaching young children about setting goals and learning from failure were so important to their development! His legacy lives on in the hearts of my students!

Chris Allen

Chris Allen graduated from Rutgers with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. He received his Masters Degree in Education from Kean University. Chris has an extensive background in marketing, operations, and management. Chris joined PFL in 2011.

I met Dave while pledging FIJI at Rutgers. The word “can’t” was not in his vocabulary—and good luck to the person who told him, “it can’t be done.” His optimism and selflessness was inspiring. In his memory, we selected programs that are being delivered by very special people to kids in 8th and 9th grade. At our meetings, graciously hosted by the Fauerbachs, we share feedback from the kids, parents, principals, etc., and how PFL’s programs have positively changed their outlook on life and the challenges that go with it. It’s during these simple moments that we realize what we are doing is in fact making a difference. I, for one, am very sure that Dave would say that PFL has done a great job of removing “can’t” from its vocabulary.

Dan Nicholas

Graduated from Rutgers College in 1989 with BS degree in Economics. Dan has over 20 years experience in Sales and Sales Management. He currently is the Northeast Sales Vice President for Standard Registers health care business unit.

Dan is passionate about PFL because of the lasting impression that Dave Musikant, his friend, fraternity brother and teammate of four years on the Rutgers Sprint football team left on him. Dave's passion and enthusiasm for life inspires us to make a positive difference in our society. The work that the Positive for Life Foundation does through the camp and the Scott Chesney programs have had a meaningful and lasting impact on thousands of teens in New Jersey. The messages we are sending on attitude, goal setting, teamwork, and achievement are so necessary for our youth today.

Brian Mooney

Victor Brown