Impact Program for Young Teens

About the Program

The Dave Musikant Positive for Life Foundation has partnered with Scott Chesney, a World Renowned Motivational Speaker and Life Coach. Scott has spoken to millions of people in countries all over the world. Our Foundation and Scott have created a program entitled The Journey of Self Discovery, a three-part lecture program. Our program and message are being delivered to high school freshmen in one-hour programs at the beginning, middle and end of the school year. Scott’s programs deliver the message of our Foundation’s Mission through his own personal and powerful story along with lessons of other inspirational people including Dave Musikant. The students have been captivated by the message of Scott and our Foundation. However, our goal is for this program to impact these students so they realize they have the ability to make a difference and Live Their Dreams Everyday.


For the past two years Mr. Scott Chesney, sponsored by the Positive for Life Foundation, has provided a highly inspirational three-part assembly program to all freshmen students attending Point Pleasant Borough High School. The positive messages delivered during "The Journey of Self Discovery" program were truly amazing and awe-inspiring. Mr. Chesney captivated the students and provided them with much needed insight into the benefits of positive thinking, goal setting and preparing today for tomorrow.

Point Pleasant Borough High School proudly supports the efforts of the Positive for Life Foundation and the powerful messages provided to our students provided by Mr. Scott Chesney and encourage the program's continuation.

Jim Foley

A letter from Point Pleasant Borough High School.